Is Your Horse Sellable? roamingrider asks

Always something to keep in mind, and when roamingrider wrote a blog post about it, I realized apparently, the last time I wrote/mused about marketability was in 2017!

So where are we at now?


Her ground manners are on point. Girl is polite about taking treats, shoves her face into the halter to "help", stands for shots, is a fairly easy keeper, big eater/drinker/pooper, has great feet (barefoot!), hauls well (honestly, if there are snacks this girls is down for most anything); really bonds with her "person", cuddly, in-your-pocket personality. She's got the moves, the Wow factor, and is just flashy as all get out, (even without any socks on LOL). 

Girl has some mental and emotional maturity now: we can have a "moment", get correction, and move on.  Tess is definitely a horse that would have burnt out in the wrong hands, Ive had to let her tell me when she can handle more.

She still can get hot under saddle, making her slow down, and think instead of rushing and making assumptions. She tries hard, and she wants to please - she just overthinks it sometimes ;)

While her sensitivity might not be everyone's cup of tea, it is also what makes her an amazing ride.

If she needed a soft landing, I'm sure one could be found.


The plain looking ones are usually hiding the rich truffle center!

    Porsche is a GEM. Under saddle this girl is game for anything: Trails, Sidesaddle, Dressage, Eventing (especially cross country!), Genuinely, this horse LOVES to be ridden: She puts her face into the halter, and will follow you into the horse trailer now, cool as a cucumber ;) She is careful, surefooted, a cute mover (lives up to the sportscar name!) and takes care of her rider: like that time I looked down over a jump and totes lost my stirrups and my balance and she gently came to a stop, and held her withers up so she wouldn't dump me - People a horse like that is worth its weight in gold. 

She's got some quirks: typical TB hoof genetics. She can take a while to warm up to folks (except kids - she LOVES kids) - girl has trust issues from being on the wrong side of the tracks;  She is so gentle when taking treats (but will step on your foot and not bat an eye). She will go out alone on trails, but wants to have friends (she's not picky - even goats will do!) near her paddock or she will pace.  If the alfalfa is too stemmy Her Royal Highness would rather starve.  She is happiest on pasture 24-7. 

Her size (15.2hh) and on the narrow side kinda limit her marketability, as well as being a TB - some folks won't go near an OTTB with a 10 ft pole. She's got more GO than WHOA, but a sensible brain: when she spooks, she spooks in place.  Her best fit would be with either a capable Jr. rider (who could handle a little sass on the ground at times) or someone who loves trail riding (girl will do that ALL DAY LONG).

I'm sure she also would find a soft landing (albeit a totally different fit than Tesla!)