Inspired by Fraidy Cat Eventing: Why Tesla?

Emma had a great post the other day - A "Why Charlie?" examination that blossomed into "Whose journey is it anyway?" 

And she got me thinking.....

As I rider I do have ambitions: I want to be a better, more effective rider: I want to have quiet hands and an independent seat, I want to move in harmony with my horse, give soft and effective aids, even if it takes a lifetime. If no-one notes my progress but me, my trainer, and my horses, that's OK by me.  I enjoy the process with the horse, of making my own unicorn and then enjoying it! 

My immediate goals are defined by my horse, but those basics will serve us well for any discipline, now or in the future...and whatever Tesla wants to do, I'm game to try and learn as well. 

Tesla was purchased with the intent of being a trail horse for my Dad, the Trail Boss. I happen to have an eye for athletic types, LOL - but what really sold me on Tess was the fact that on farm she was in a completely chaotic situation and she was cool as a cucumber. We got her home, she filled out and shot up several inches, went to 90 day bootcamp, and it became clear that her sensitive side was more suited to me than the Trail Boss. So we swapped: A Porsche for a Tesla. 

Only recently has it crossed my mind about marketability. If, God forbid, something should happen, I would want my horses to be good solid citizens who would find happy loving homes. Tess would be easy to re-home in a heartbeat, cause she 16.1-16.2ish, black, and has that Wow factor. Porsche is just as sporty and super fun to ride: but her 15.2 hands make her more of a jr. rider's size, and her OTTB makes most Western/Endurance riders run away (even tho' that girl is FEARLESS on trails!) Something I will definitely put more thought on when the next race-car comes around...

Thanks for igniting all the introspection, Emma!


  1. Thanks for adding your take! I definitely agree that it's important to keep in mind what the horses future could look like if they part ways from us, even if we never expect that to happen.

  2. Really great post! And I agree with Emma -- it's SO important to make sure that you do the best you can to make your horses marketable in case anything happens. Sounds like you're making tons of process with Tesla to that end :)


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