Black Friday Buy: Horseware Rambo Reflective Night Rider Splint Boots

With all the sales going on I was able to splurge on something I've been wanting to add to my tack: REFLECTIVE!

I dragged my heels this summer, mostly cause it was light til forever, so reflective stuff wasn't a necessity. I did grab this reflective biothane halter for Tesla - which I love, but wanted to incorporate something that would go up with us to the arena....and wasn't crazy about unbreakable tack (at least for greenies!).

When I spotted the Horseware Rambo Reflective Night Rider Splint Boots on 25% off at Riding Warehouse:

I got a full set: cob for the front and full for the back and whadya know:

One of the few pieces of tack that fits both girls LOL!

The material has dimples to increase air flow so the legs don't get hot (nice!) and while I don't think they would hold up to a horse that interfered regularly with shoes - for the barefoot and occasional legs in all directions while passing a blue jump stand that OMG someone has never seen before in their LIFE - these are perfect!

not to mention these babies have 360 degree GLOW factor.

4.5 out of 5 stars!