Two Horse Tack: Reflective Halter Review

After a little longer than a year in the elements, the Showman breakaway crown halter has finally given up the ghost: all the hardware rusted (boo, would not buy again) and the latch is finally rusted frozen.

Tesla's halter lives a rough life - exposed 24-7 outside her stall: I love leather, but know it would just get trashed - so I wanted to get something a bit more durable, and I've been looking for an excuse to add a bit of reflective to our gear as well since I tend to be an evening kind of rider....

Enter Two Horse Tack!

The colour choices are lovely - especially the wine (which I had seen in person at a blogger meet-up!)  but I decided to go with DQ understated (hey, reflective is as bling as I'm ever gonna get, LOL)

I sent in custom measurements from a leather halter I had that fit Tess well, and the online guide was a bit vague.

I got Brass hardware, and went for black stitching (after reading online that the stitching could look a bit clumsy)

The base is 1inch matte black and the reflective overlay is shiny.

Perfect Fit right out of the bag!
I like the nice weight to it, and I gotta say, the reflective is VERY reflective!

Glowing even in the afternoon!

The crown also has a reflective strip: nice touch! But it isn't breakaway - so I'll need to watch that the cross-ties are on safety ties. (or do my hemi-tie thing, lol)

Two thumbs up! I definitely will get one for Porsche & the Trail Boss - and I think a pair of reflective reins would be a great safety addition for Tess and I when the days get shorter!


  1. Looks good on her! Yeah their online size guide is kind of... unhelpful? But I really like your color choices and the reflective stripes!

    1. It is super visible - which will be great for evening riding :)

  2. that turned out nice! the black stitching was definitely the way to go - i have white stitching on my blue halter and it's a little iffy. i ended up coloring it in with a blue sharpie haha

  3. I actually ended up purchasing both the picnic bridle and the breast color set from Two Horse Tack in the Wine color (I mean it's wine, lol). But I have to say, I adore that company! They're nailing everything from colors to reliable materials. I always wondered what the reflective materials looked like. I thought they'd be great for trail riding. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You can add a bit of leather or steal a breakaway from an od beat up halter to make the two horse into a breakaway.


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