Introducing: The Armony Dressage Saddle

and I drooled over his hand-crafted custom saddles, which were beyond my budget.
(I didn't even dare sit in one)

They almost never come up on the secondhand market (cause if you get one, you keep it!)

So when I saw a used one pop up miraculously in my price range, I emailed for more info....

so on the last day of my week trial, the saddle maker Shamss looked it over, put it on Tesla's back and pronounced it fit her like it was made for her ;)

Room for shoulders

slim profile/open seat for me

oh, hai good lookin'

Even the sweat/dirt marks look good!

and my seat bones sit exactly where they are meant to - double win! It feels natural and effortless (even you, sitting trot!)

Tesla was her typical charming self, she tries to cuddle with everyone now haha, and Shamss said I was lucky to have her (don't I know it!)

Turns out this is the first dressage saddle he ever made.

I promised to take good care of the Armony, and it is sopping up all the conditioner I slathered on even as I type.

and as if this story couldn't get any more fairy-tale, the Sommer is already sale pending.

Some things that are just meant to be <3


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