Defying Gravity

Since the new Sommer badly needed a new flocking, and I happened to be in the area for work, I stopped by Gravity Saddlemakers.

link here

I had heard only great things about Shamss, and I gotta say it was a wonderful experience!

Even tho' the show-room was full of drool-worthy leather goods and custom saddles, Shamss didn't make me feel less than for bringing in an old used Sommer, he thoroughly inspected it (tugged on the billets, etc.) and announced that it was in fabulous shape, just in need of a good oiling ("We can take care of that" he smiled) and he showed me where the flocking was no longer supportive underneath  and then took into the workroom to show me the wool he uses, sourced from Washington. He asked me when I would like it back, and I mentioned I had a lesson on Saturday, and he was completely accommodating, even with traffic suggestions ("Friday after 2pm is ridiculous!")

I didn't have the guts to ask what one of his custom ones cost:

The Armony Dressage is gorgeous, and looks like my kind of ride ;)

But I definitely will when I pick up the Sommer.

If you are in the area, in the market for a custom saddle, or need some repairs, I highly highly recommend stopping by!


  1. So cool, hope you have a fantabulous lesson with it on its return

  2. This is now the second recommendation for him I've heard in a month. I'll have to check him out!

  3. I love companies who are still nice to people not buying brand new custom things! I am so sick of snooty sales people right now. Sounds like they are pretty wonderful :)

  4. His custom saddles are actually not that expensive if you're ever in the market. He's such a nice guy and has helped us out many times.


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