Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Blog Hop: Guinness on Tap Frankenbridle

Austen from Guinness on Tap had a post about Frankenbridles....well I have one that is getting more and more Franken ...

I started out with this bridle:

The leather is super nice, horse-sized stamped "Made in England" - If you want it, it's looking for a new home...

but then I spied this used one (which was a better look for dressage lol)

and used my work-a-day reins..

Then, with some muscle gain across the poll....I noticed Tesla's 15in. crown piece was getting snugish around the,  I went looking for a 16in. plain padded, black-on-black browband...(those actually aren't super easy to find!)

and I found an Anky one online for $10 shipped - the ad said wear on the back...but I've never seen browbands wear like that and looking closely at the pics - I was ready to bet it was just in need of a good cleaning...

and I was right! 

The Anky browband cleaned up like new - and Tesla can flop her ginormous ears in comfort once more!

The next addition to the frankenbridle?

Some glow-in-the-dark for winter....

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