A Long overdue update


      The summer has flown by and I'm long overdue for an update.

I left a very toxic job situation early this year. It honestly sucked the life out of me physically and mentally for several years, and it has taken me a minute to regain my footing (even in a new wonderful supportive position with a company I love) to feel like 'me' again, both in and out of the saddle. I've chosen to change my point of view and focus on the positive, rather than the closed doors (owning and riding horses in this area is baffling at times) but I'm going to make the best of things where they are at, and get back on the horse, figuratively and literally.

Porsche is improving in leaps and bounds; she continues to gain muscle and strength in the right places as she improves her posture and self-carriage. Celeste, whose Balance Through Movement Method has been life-changing, is doing a clinic in my area next month - so I signed Porsche up, and am looking forward to our 1:1 to specifically tailor the method to Porsche's specific needs. I'm ready to be a sponge and soak it all in. 

Tesla and I are getting back into the swing of things: I re-introduced clicker training (she used to be scared of the click) and honestly with her it is all about slowing down, and encouraging her to offer other behaviours (she always thinks she is right) without squashing her willingness to try.


I'm working on my strength and improving my hands: I nabbed a Correct Connect 3-in-1 Breastplate, as I mostly rode neck-reining and want to make sure I'm not catching her face when she uses her big girl gaits O-O. It's a great tool: doesn't restrict the horse, but remind me of where my hands are (and can double as an OH SHIT strap if needed :D


 Sunburnt model, but listening
I'm working in the Schleese Eagle (LOVE this saddle) as it is the best fit for both of us atm, but I needed non-dressage pads, and taking the input that my riding outfit looked like a clown (from a dear friend) - I decided I at least needed to be a coordinated clown, and picked up a few saddle pads that would go with my bright Annies breeches: matchy-matchy is the new black, right?

even bought the ear bonnet - who am I?

Tesla also has what might be a sarcoid on her upper leg - so we are checking that out with the Vet in October (vet appts here are like 2 months out: crazy!) it's a first for me, so a little freaked out; all the jingles that it is nothing or minimal would be appreciated!


  1. Yay for some fun new tack and the horses going well! Congrats on leaving a soul sucking job too. I know what that feels like and it's a huge exhale when it's all over.
    Fingers crossed Tesla's growth is nothing to worry about!


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