Even More Progress with Porsche; HOORAY!


 Sometimes the best way to capture progress is in photos. I've been working through the Pillars with Porsche since March, and she is wrapping up her ulcer treatment: no longer reactive to ulcer points and a long, slow wean off of meds.

Mid-Feb 2022: I changed two things: I added Omeprezole in the AM (still continuing Gut X at night) and started her on the Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 exercises to strengthen her thoracic sling.



May 18, 2022: We still have work to do, but I cannot believe the change when I see it in pictures. She has shoulders!! I see some abs working too ;) Her overall posture is improving, and I see her standing square 90% of the time. She is back to her sweet, lovable self: in addition I added some "big girl pants" training to help her cope with change (like switching pastures): if she cannot stop pacing, then I give her a "job' and let her stand tied until the hamster comes back on the wheel: this usually helps her slow down and realize life isn't so bad :).

Excited to see what she looks like in another 6 months! (looking at you, topline and chubs!)


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