Progress with the Porsche



It isn't easy to post these photos, but I really wanted to share what I've learned and the changes I've seen in Porsche (still a work in progress, but we are on an upward swing!)


This photo was taking early December and the wheels were coming off her bus.  I want to cry when I see this photo, she honestly looks a WRECK. Porsche was getting 12+ hours of pasture time, all the free choice quality hay she could eat, was on GutX, balanced supplements and rice bran mash at night. Her feet looked great, she was moving pretty well, was up-to-date on everything (worming, teeth, etc.) and she was completely MISERABLE. She was pacing the fence lines non-stop, was picking fights with Tesla all the time, and her attitude towards me was nasty: My mind was boggled - she was getting the best care she had ever gotten in her life....and it honestly crossed my mind if she had something catastrophic going on...

This photo was taken mid-February: I changed two things: I added Omeprezole in the AM (still continuing Gut X at night) and started her on the Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 exercises to strengthen her thoracic sling (as per Celeste's advice in the Travelling Horse Witch master Class.  Porsche's attitude has taken a 180 degree turn: she is soft and relaxed and HAPPY.  There is still more work to be done, but she is putting on muscle in the correct places, is able to relax her under-neck and start to use her body correctly: I catch her in square correct posture out in the pasture more and more often. I am 100% sure she was suffering from total thoracic sling collapse and had painful nerve impingement and was acting out on that pain. Correct muscle building is allowing her to lift her own shoulders and stop the painful nerve pain.

<3 A relaxed happy pony using her thoracic sling correctly on her own <3

I am so thankful and grateful that I was able to find the missing piece of the puzzle - hindsight is 20-20, but in retrospect, I think she has always struggled with this (versus Tesla - who has always had a beautifully developed shoulder and posture) it is a vicious cycle, nerve pain --> stress -->ulcers --> poor posture --> bad front feet : it was a lightbulb moment for me, and while I wish I had known all of this sooner - I'm glad I know it now <3


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