Slowly but surely


I'm seeing improvements with Porsche and honestly my heart is so relieved.

I switched pastures for the girls (Tesla is in A, and Porsche in B), and for reasons that I utterly cannot fathom, Porsche is much happier. Her pacing the dividing (pink) line reduced significantly. With the increasingly lovely weather,  I started hanging full haynets on the dividing fencing: this tricks Porsche into eating more (cause hay is always better is Tesla is eating it, right? LOL).

Her weight is finally starting to creep up, but I still noticed some reactivity to ulcer points, to I ordered some Omeprezole from Abler to add to the mix and help get her comfortable ASAP. (PSA: The little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies make EXCELLENT "pill pockets" for the discerning equine palate).




I am working through the the 3 pillars (as per Celeste) and I'm finally seeing some correct muscling in that stubborn dip in front of her withers. I'm seeing a better posture overall in the pasture,  more square (like how Tesla stands) and less often making a V-shape with her front legs when grazing. Her attitude has improved too: she is much more soft and willing and generally seems to be enjoying life again. <3