Equestrian Blogger Christmas Gift Exchange 2021


I've been adulting like mad this year: so this is way later than I had planned (oops!)


I participated in the 2021 Blogger gift exchange this year, and received a lovely package in the mail from Amy over at Quantum Chrome. I hadn't caught her blog before, so it was wonderful to meet a fellow horse lover (and Scientist --> bacteria for the win, y'all), and I'm excited to follow along on her adventures with Gwyn (who is THE CUTEST EVER!)


Rockin' the purple!


 It was packed full of goodies, starting with this fabulous fiery unicorn card and the sweetest well-wishes inside. I am a sucker for beautiful stationary - definitely will keep an eye out for a frame for this beauty.

Purple Excelsior to match the purple-rocking pony: 100%

The stud muffins were definitely heartily approved by both Tesla and Porsche: I actually think that it is a near tie between these and the Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies for the top shelf treat spot <3


 Some fiery socks (for riding my fiery unicorns ;) that will be perfect for this summer, an equestrian themed COVID mask (safety first!) and the cutest wine cork pony ornament:


and as if that wasn't enough goodies, there was also this Tesla portrait hand soap dispenser that I can't wait to put on my desk!

 Thank you so much Amy for such a thoughtful Christmas gift - it was such a bright spot in a legit crazy year!