Answers for Porsche


This Fall the wheels came off one of the Sportscars: the Porsche.

She started brawls with Tesla in the pasture to the point they could not be turned out safely together, and I had to separate them (thank goodness no-one was seriously injured!)

She did not take the change well: and began pacing the fenceline. It was horrifying: she was up-to-date on everything, had free choice hay, and appropriate supplements, and she looked a wreck. Shiny as all get-out, bright-eyed and spunky, and was as lean as if she had just stepped off the track. I added Magnesium and a Raspberry Tea Leaf - which helped but still....

I had been following TC's amazing journey over at A Enter Spooking, how his topline and way of going have been completely transformed and when Megan mentioned a virtual class with Celeste from the Traveling Horse Witch, I wanted to learn more.

And as I watched the livestream video, pieces of the puzzle started to click into place for me.

I realized Porsche has a completely dysfunctional thoracic sling. and my guess is that it's gotten to the point that it's causing some nerve impingement/pain.

Circled the area that shows the tell-tale thoracic sling muscle wasting....even from a few years back...yikes!

So we started some basic recommended exercises to soften, and increase shoulder mobility and Porsche was so defensive and protective of her body: she shut down and basically gave me the middle finger to all my asks. And honestly, it broke my heart, that she could have gotten to such a state of distrust. 

But today, we had a breakthrough. She realized that she could do the things I was asking, and that her body felt better: she relaxed and started to allow me access to her shoulders, and gave big releases/licking/chewing: she even let me "groom" her shoulder (something she had never enjoyed before)

I am so excited to have finally found some answers, with an action plan and am looking forward to helping Porsche to feel more comfortable and happy.



  1. Yay! It is so rewarding when they let you in.

  2. Interesting! I hope that she continues to feel better.


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