Horse Hair Tassels: Part I


 When Tesla's tail began to drag on the ground this year, and mud/snow season on the horizon; she needed a trim.....but I decided to give her a sportier british racing bob (to just below the hocks) and use her tail hair to make a tassel that I could enjoy while I've have the girls for hopefully years to come yet. I did the same with Porsche (albeit her tail wasn't dragging on the ground #thickmanethintail)


I scoured the internet for inspiration:


brass hardware - yes please!
 Silk wrapped?  Yep loving the pops of colour! 
Like the balance of the loop with the length here too..

 also liked the thought of being able to wear one as a charm....but maybe wire wrapped?

These are from Golden Pony Workshop, which are beautifully done (she can also make one with your horse's hair by request for ~135 + shipping)

 but with the holiday break coming up, I decided to try my own hand at one.

I grabbed some practice hair from Hitching Post Supply Co

(Beautiful quality - 10/10 would recommend!)
 and am waiting on some tire silk for wrapping (comes in 171 colours!)


fingers crossed something turns out well ;)




  1. What a great idea. I can't wait to hear how it turns out


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