Fire Breathing Dragonzzz


Porsche did not handle the fall to winter transition well this year: partly because I split the pasture, and it took her awhile to adjust to the "new normal" (tantrums even when another horse is in their line of sight the ENTIRE TIME?!?).... I discovered the squeeze of hay that was delivered was not the best quality and had it replaced asap, but long story short, she dropped a ton of weight (I literally watched her walk it off *shakes fist* despite being on pasture, balanced supplements, up to date on dental/worming and getting free choice hay: she was shiny and sassy as all get out, and never finished her flakes....sigh.....

I also switched up the barn stall arrangement: Tesla was getting very territorial in the front stall, so much so I was honestly worried she was going to reach out and try and bite when I led Porsche past (despite my yelling at her "NO" in my mean voice.  She would put her teeth on the stall divider instead - Yikes!

                                 actual faces Tesla has made at Porsche (courtesy of Leonardo Da Vinci)

The new stall arrangement is working out much better: Tesla is in the slightly bigger stall so she has a bit more room, and Porsche feels "special" up front. No more teefs thus far!

I had good success with 100x Equine Gut X previously - so I put Porsche back on it: along with a scoop of rice bran at night (typically does not make her fizzy: I make it into a slurry - I checked with the company and they said it can be part of a liquid mash)). I had forgotten how amazing the GutX is: she is 100% eating and finishing all her hay and starting to pack on some pounds (finally!. She must be feeling GooooOOOOooooD cause now she is challenging everyone: she tried to start something over the fence with Tesla earlier in the day and then refused to let me pick out her back feet (threatening to bite and or kick kind of don't touch me: not acceptable behaviour ever). It was super snowy and slick but the gravel driveway was clear so we did a bunch or groundwork/backing up and tried again she still was like "DO NOT TOUCH ME". I left her tied to the hitching post for 10 minutes or so while I did other things (a time-out usually works on her) and still I got a hard no. I finally had to enlist help and have someone hold her and then she had no problem and was on best behaviour.

  When I looked back through old posts, I saw that she was a fire breathing dragon in Dec/Jan 2019 so I wonder how much of this is weather related as well: this was our first really cold snap of the winter thus far....SO I'm thrilled the GutX is helping her be a better eater, even if that means she is full of herself for a bit, and I'll have to keep asserting that I'm the Boss Mare around here....



             Shoulda grabbed this Alpha Mare vintage belt when I had the chance.....maybe my next project? ;)





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