Split down the middle


 And after Porsche tried to usurp Tesla as the reining Boss Lady in the Pasture for the umpteenth time, I finally was fed up with teeth marks and heart-attacks and decided to just go ahead and split the pasture.  I was kinda planning on turning the area nearest to the road into an arena anyways, so this just gave me the extra push to get it done, while the weather is still decent, and by opening up the round pen, and adding an extra gate  I had enough panels to cover it. I put t-post alternating between each panel, so it is rock solid: no way they could push it over.

It's been two days in, and I have to say that I think both girls prefer this routine. I know there is alot of research/opinions that horses need physical contact with other horses, but honestly these two are not friends, I have never seen mutual grooming or even tail-to-head fly swatting .... the only time they touch each other is with their teeth! I wouldn't have thought their personalities were so polarizing: in all the horses we've had, we've never had this issue before....someone once told me when Porsche lived in a herd that she was always trying to sneakily move up the ranks...well, she's not so sneaky about it anymore LOL.

So now the boundaries are clear, and the new routine seems to agree with everyone, and I can longe on a line with a cavesson, and work on getting that footing up to snuff. Always a work in progress :)




  1. My horses turn out in a similar situation rather than together also. My pony mare likes to have horses around, but not too close. She'd be a terror in group turnout! I think as long as they can see a buddy, they do just fine. Glad you were able to make this happen fairly easily for them!

    1. Yes, It's the littlest ones who can be the instigators! Mares, gotta love them :)

  2. Some of the best turnout advice I heard was that just like humans, just because they're herd animals doesn't mean they'll like everyone on the planet, nor should we expect them to. I know there's people I just can't stand myself. I think you made the right call!

  3. I think you are wise. I don't know that all horses can be together.


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