New Hitching post who dis?


Our local tack shoppe ran a Mothers Day sale - so I got four new mats to trick out the hitching post. I gotta say, having a working setup makes everything so much easier! I planted some boxwoods in front and there are plans to put growing things all down the hill: it's gonna be splendid when it's done!


In other news, Porsche continues her roll on the struggle bus: while the pasture alternating is working well, when she is in the dry lot (within complete eyeshot of Tesla I might add) she paces non-stop so she is seriously racing fit. It is frustrating to watch her work herself up so. which obviously aggravates ulcers, burns off any weight gain, and is a self-perpetuating spiral. I have her back on the Gut-X ulcer treatment, so hopefully that will help.

I worked her in the round pen yesterday and she was a disaster. She completely gave me the finger, would not down-transition and was running thru my whip when I asked her to switch directions - cause she is so fit - it took a good 30min of "if you don't listen, then you work really hard" (damn that good work ethic ;) I managed to find a good note to end it on. She looks super sound and is moving really well actually. 

She got a bath and a Masterson Method session afterwards: she was reactive to tapping everywhere and even was bucking (!!) but by the end her eye was soft and she relaxed, and she seemed to have worked some things thru: she even seemed more at ease in the dry lot, so fingers crossed that this combination of supplements and relaxation techniques will help her feel 100%.