Grass is always greener....

 Well, swapping the girls in and out of the pasture round pen is a bust: and everyone is unhappy, and throwing tantrums or binge-eating, so I don't think this will be a viable option, except on weekends when I can swap them in and out every few hours or so.... so next most reasonable option is a share-time model between the barn dry-lot and the pasture: with Porsche out on pasture at night for 14hrs (girl can always use more groceries), and Tesla on pasture during the day for 8-10....fingers crossed!

"I got the whole pasture, to myself..." (also waiting for hair to grow back in....sigh

Daytime snoop, Nightime snacker

Post-pasture food coma: she was so full, she wasn't even interested in her supplements (!) so she got a manicure. The hitching post is coming along: baby boxwood planted in front: progress!