Winter extra

                                       In the winter, the Porsche can need an extra bit of care:

Who Me?!?

She has a full haynet nearly 24-7: beautiful fine orchard grass

This hay approved by one Very Good Girl

She is also getting a 3 qt scoop AM and PM of a mix of rice bran and alfalfa pellets (she doesn't get fizzy on these) and she is shiny and sassy as all get out. She's been recently wormed, and had a course of Sand Clear (just to make sure everything was movin' along). She is unclipped, and gets a blanket when it is windy (almost always...sigh) and/or under ~35C..

But, when she is not in turn-out 24-7, she tends to pace in her dry run/stall and walk off all her weight. I don't like seeing ribs when I am literally pouring foodstuffs down her throat. She looks (and feels) racing fit y'all.

I have a few tricks I wanna try: switching up stalls, treating for ulcers, and I've even considered adopting a retired breeding sheep from a friend to be her live-in babysitter....(she likes goats, but lets them eat all her food so that doesn't solve the problem LOL!)

Any tips/tricks/advice for winter extra girl? Has anyone tried a CBD product? or ordering the pop rocks during COVID?