Improvements around the barn


One of the things that dream barn is missing is a hitching post. Originally I had the girls next to each other and cross-ties in the larger stall, buuuuut, after I came in one morning to find they had apparently tried to beat the crap out of each other (no-one was seriously injured, thank goodness, such a weird love-hate relationship), I moved Porsche into the larger stall (so there is an empty stall between them). SO far this has been working wonderfully, but left me in the lurch for a good spot for cross-ties....



When a neighbour took down their old redwood deck, and was looking for someone to take all the lumber and give it a new purpose,  I jumped on it! and it has come in handy - fixing fence boards, garden planters, etc. and now, the hand-rail is going to be living it's best life as a hitching post!


Still in progress, but plans include concreting and trimming the support beams, painting it all white to match the barn trim, and putting some planters in the front, and some rubber mats for the girls to stand on & break-away ties.  It's gonna be super cute and super functional too!!


  1. Irish and Carmen pick at each other too like that. I ended up putting a barrier up so they couldn't snark at each other. Outside they get along fine. Can you turn Porsche's old stall into a grooming stall in case you need it?

    1. Yep, you read my mind! Just as soon as I make the barrier between those stalls higher ;)


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