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Ok - so I'm jumping on this blog hop as well! And while my matchy-matchy game isn't as strong as Stacie's, this is what is working for us:


Winter Wardrobe: 

In my previous state of CA, honestly the only blankets I ever really needed were rain sheets. Then, right before my move to more northern climes, I read Cob Jockey's post about blanket liners (here) and I was like: I'M Doing THAT! So I got light (100g), and medium (300g) liners (with the thought that using the two together = a heavy 400g liner, and waterproof Amigo sheets in red (Porsche) and blue (Tesla). This system has totally worked!! I like that I can wash the liners as needed too - and they are much easier to launder. Now that the girls have a snugly barn, if the weather is permitting, I try and keep them naked, to let them "air-out" and help stave off any rubs and rips. 


The sheets I currently have and love (going on 2+ years) are these: Amigo Hero ACY Plus Turnout Lite. I also still have the previous version of these that didn't come with the hood (as back-ups in case a sheet meets an untimely demise) but both versions are going strong! The included hood on the newest model is awesome and removeable! I wish there were more colour options, but oh and blue it is...

 Do watch for sales (I got mine for ~50 bucks each stacking coupons), do switch out the useless string (guaranteed to get gross in t-5 seconds) for a tail-cord with snaps that can be cleaned (something like this)

I also sprayed mine down with waterproofing prior to use ( with this) just to make extra sure, and both girls have stayed nice and dry underneath their sheets in rain and snow. 

Under the sheets I have liners: 

Scnheiders V-Tek liners in 100g fill :

Love these, they wear like iron.  Tesla wasn't a fan of the "loop over the neck" design at first, but with lots of peppermints she is super good about it now, if it gets stuck on her ears she just lowers her head ;) and I think it helps the liner stay in place honestly and reduces bulk/rubs on the chest.



The other liners are these:


Horseware® Ireland Mio Heavyweight Insulator

and sadly, they are much lower quality, and already have some rips on the inside that I've patched (and Tesla is the easiest EVER on clothes). I wouldn't buy these again, and wish Schneiders made a heavier fill as well......

Back on Track Quarter Sheet




I did most of my riding at night in CA, and had noticed that Tesla always went better in the big thick western pad - so I picked up a Back on Track Quarter sheet to help her relax during warm ups...and loved the response I saw! This currently works great for me know when working both girls as well - whomever is waiting outside the round-pen (to warm up or cool off) gets to wear one if it is nippy or windy : and even Porsche (who is anti-clothes) approves and relaxes!

Do get the nylon not the fleece, and size up (the 78 fit Porsche who is a solid 75...Tesla now has an 81 O_o). For a horse that runs hot (cough cough, Porsche!) this might see more limited use.

Summer couture

So this new place is windy! which means it ain't the flies now, it's the midges.

Both girls have fly sheets from Schneider's going strong on 3 yrs now. I love the Schneiders quality and fit: their colour selection is often super limited, tho'....

Tesla has the Mosquito Mesh Fly Sheet (and neck guard and fly mask) . I love the surcingle option to provide a little extra protection on the belly - I use Belly Balm slathered up around her midline and udder here to help with the midges. (Also the matchy fly mask was terribly designed and RUBBED her eyelids - OMG!! Teresa and Olivia recommended Shire's fringe masks with ears which are AWESOME and the girls and I are fans now too!

Fresh outta da bag circa 2018 

Porsche tends to be more destructive to her outfits (is a nudist at heart, apparently) so I went with an option a bit more durable: the Mosquito VTEK Hybrid option. Super pleased with the quality/fit and how well these have held up: no rips or runs yet Knock on wood! (also had to get rid of these fly masks as ones with ears are a NECESSITY here!)

and lastly, for my special snowflake I have a racing blinker hood. It was like $20bucks when I bought it.

I got it to help with desensitization, and to kinda test out some theories about her eyesight, and to wear when ponying to curtail mare jealousy issues. The 1/2 cups were too restrictive in the end, so I cut them back to french cups (and sanded all the plastic to make sure it was smooth-edged - even more than the original ;) and so far, I think this will be a useful tool in my toolbox :)

That's a wrap, or more likely, a belly band, folks ;)


  1. I recently got the Amigo Hero ACY (because it was on sale, of course), and I almost returned it because it hangs kind of comically low on Cupid but I did end up keeping it. Personally I hate that plastic tail cord so I took it off, but it made the perfect grab strap to attach to my saddle's D-rings for my son to hold onto! =)

    1. Repurposing for the win! <3 <3

    2. The Horseware/Amigo/Mio stable clothes seem pretty low quality to me too. Disappointing because I like the fit and style of them. The turnouts are definitely more durable!


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