These are a few of my favourite things 2020


     There were my top 3 stand-out products that I used and loved this year:


Nebula Black Carrots

 There is nothing better than growing stuff that the horse can eat too. Nuff said :) 9/10


Last one about to be gobbled up!



Amigo Hero ACY sheets

This is actually the second season for these and both have held up really well, and dont seem to cause rubs (A MIRACLE!). But I liked them so well I bought a spare set, and by stacking coupons/sales they came out to ~50 bucks each PLUS had a detachable hood. They are water resistant - and I refresh with a waterproofing camping spray 9.5/10

Snug as a bug in a Hero Rug


(but the Amigo liners I'm super sad about: they are kinda static-y, Porsche ripped the front of hers on day 2, and even Tesla's is showing some wear - and she is super easy on clothes: The Schneiders ones are much better quality: they come in 100g fill, but it looks like they are expanding their line....yay!)

and #1:

Two Horse Tack Biothane Rope Halters

Aspiring Model

Halter paired with breakaway for dentist trip

Halter and flag hard at work!



Seriously, the best thing I bought this year - I love that they are light and easy to carry and get off and on, you can leave them for emergencies on the fence, and they don't fade - and even tho' its biothane, it is rated only up to 300lbs, so it would break in an emergency. I love these as an under-halter when trailering: I keep a spare in my car (you never know when you might need one) and they come in crazy bright colours if you want added visibility on trails, etc. 10/10


  1. I like the schneiders liners too! I have a horsewear liner and a schneiders and while I think the horsewear is lighter (it weighs nothing!), the schneiders is like iron and is going strong. It's on it's 4th(?) season and still looks new.

    1. Yep, Schneiders liners all the way! (I really like their blankets too, but was impressed with the quality and magikal fit of the Hero ACYs, especially at the price point!)

  2. Yay I'm glad you like the Hero blankets, I bought one recently but haven't used it yet. I was considering returning it because it hangs pretty low on my petite fellow!


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