2020 Equestrian Blogger Secret Santa

Yesterday there was a package waiting by my front door, and it was from the Equestrian Blogger gift exchange!

My gifter was the lovely Katherine from Virtual Brush Box - and tho' her blog wasn't on my radar before, it definitely is now :D One of the best things about the exchange is getting to meet new horse folks!!

I found two things bubble wrapped inside

one of which turned out to be a beautiful pony (totes apropos ;)

 Katherine even got me something off my wish list: some Spot On Braiding Wax!! 

I can't wait to try it! 

Hopefully my braids will be as good as this little Breyer's (#goals! and stay in place just as well ;)

(How do they get the dapples on the model like that? I'm thinking some kind of wax resist - like batik...)

The second bubble wrap had a Field Notes Memo book (I've secretly always wanted one of these!!!)

The Perfect Mantra for 2021 - and I already know what notes/sketches/plans I'm gonna put in here ;)


and last but not least Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum 

(which combines my favourite things: Horses and Art / Art History)


 (For an oil painting art class, we had to take a section of a famous painting and blow it up to 3x4ft. I picked Rosa Bonheur's Horse Faire :)
My favourite thing about this part of the painting was how the rider was literally using string to keep the magnificent drafts in hand (that's the kind of seat we all want ;)

 Thank you so much Katherine for your ON POINT thoughtful gift and for sending such a bit of JOY in 2020: can't wait to follow along on your horse adventures with Rodney and Milton in 2021!

and thanks again to Alberta Equest for hosting this year :)



  1. Explanation of contents, as promised. https://rodneyssaga.com/2021/01/04/one-for-you-one-for-me-blogger-gift-exchange-what-went-out/

  2. How lovely!! Thanks for participating!


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