Egging it on

Tesla was in a playful mood yesterday. She was swaggering up and down the fence line, 💯 in a bid to get someone *cough, cough, Backup* to notice her. The two of them then raced each other up and down the fence line for a good 10 minutes, no screaming or barking or bucking, they were having a blast, and everyone was on board it was a game (well except Porsche - her attitude was all "this is BS"!, so I didn’t have the heart to break it up (but I was ready to put the kibosh on it if anyone took things too far)....Tesla would even slow down to let Backup catch up, then they would race! It was a hoot to watch (even if I only caught the last lap on film,  I am thrilled to see this more playful, fun-loving side of Tesla emerging <3