Review: Two horse tack biorope halter

Part of having horses on property means being prepared. I wanted to have halters I could leave hooked outside on the gate in case of an emergency. Something bright, low maintenance and quick to put on) I’m not a super fan of the nylon halters, they can fade out to fugly pretty fast outdoors, and anything leather would also get trashed pretty, something low maintenance, and inexpensive had me looking back on the Two Horse Tack webpage (actually, did you know they have a FB auction site? I’ve seen leather halters go for 12 bucks go check it out!Check it out!: ) Their biorope halters caught my eye,  I wondered about if the knot would hold in this material, but when they popped up heavily discounted in hunter orange and neon yellow on their auction page, I decided to give them a go!

I had never heard of biorope, It’s a new product, with all the benefits of biothane (easy to clean, doesn’t fade, flexible when cold) but in a rope. Deets here.

These are super compact, I like that they could easily be placed I a pocket, under tack on a trail ride, or put in a saddle bag or kept in a car for emergencies

Pocket sized for sure!

When they arrived, the orange one had an issue: the loop for tying off was so tight, It was permanently attached. I contacted the company, and they are sending out a replacement (yay for great customer service!)

Whoops, not quite right...

Had a total brain fart on knot tying 😆🤦🏼‍♀️

And here is the yellow one modeled by the lovely Porsche (who got a trim and massage after this: happy pony 😉). The sizing was good: this is a horse size and fit both girls nicely. 

I liked the weight/feel of the halter. I’ll give an updated review in 6 mo or so, to see how they do in the winter. Glad there were no emergencies over the fourth, all the animals handled the fireworks like champs.


  1. That sounds like a useful item! Even nice to keep around in case of emergency. I wonder if they'll make one with knots for training purposes. Maybe it's too smooth for that purpose though?

    1. It really is a handy piece of kit! When I tied the knot properly, it definitely held tight LOL, so I'd bet the Two Horse Tack folks would be open to trying a custom one with knots...I feel like this one is thin/stiff enough to be a firm request when needed, but I could see in training, or in an emergency situation that bit of extra umpf could be an asset :)


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