Potty mouth

Who me? Butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth ..

Porsche has recently picked up a disgusting habit, when I bring her and Tesla  up from pasture into the dry lot, she immediately Heads for a poo pile and tastes it 🤢. She doesn’t eat it, literally just tastes it.. This is a new one for me. Ive never seen her do it ever before. I’ve used FeedXL to make sure she is getting all her vitamins/nutrients/probiotic, she is getting orchard grass pasture turnout 12+ hours per day, free choice salt block (and salt added to her supplement). She is in light work, and living her best life, her coat is metallic shiny and her weight looks great. She only licks Tesla’s poo (maybe a hormonal thing?), and the only other thing I can think of That has recently changed is their biotin supplement...switched brands to a higher dose..maybe it is making the manure more appealing? Maybe teeth? Floating is scheduled for next week...

Anyone have any experience with this?