Hoof secret......sssshhhh

Moving to a drier climate sure took a toll on the girls hooves: at the barn in CA, it was in the redwoods and super foggy/wet. We were constantly battling thrush...nearly all the horses had shoes, and I remember one boarder commenting her farrier popped abscesses out of her gelding feet with every trim 😬😬😬 (not normal!!)

I grabbed a tub of Hoof Secret from Riding Warehouse just as things started to shut down /shelter at home. It was the most budget-friendly I could find with the most biotin. And months later, I can see the results!


So it works, but downside, it literally must taste like sh$t, cause Tesla (the horse food vacuum ) will refuse to eat it unless I add rice bran... interestingly Porsche the picky eater seems to have no issue with it ... at 33 bucks for 9 lbs, it’s worth a shot to see if your horse will eat it!