Anti Corona? Try Belly Balm

My go to ointment for lumps bumps and scrapes is corona cream (wonder if they will re-branding...)

It’s cheap and works! Link

But Princess Pony objects *strongly* to the smell of this:

                            While digging/organizing my horse stuff I came across a tub of Belly Balm that I don’t remember buying...

After using it for a few weeks, This stuff is legit amazing! Especially for gnats/no see-ums, or welts, and the lanolin/aloe Vera helps the irritation heal up quick! I just slather it on the problem area, it stays put, and their skin feels so soft afterwards: bellies, chins, ears, 10/10 recommend!


  1. I was using corona and topping it with SWAT for cuts. I did find a ointment with bug spray at the amish tack store the other day that is working really well. I ended up buying that over the belly balm (I almost bought that to try).


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