why yes that is my kiddo throwing a tantrum in the candy aisle....

Horses have a sixth sense about the perfect time to be naughty (lol, just like littles do) and in my case it’s usually when the parentals are watching....

Went to pull Tesla out of the pasture to suit her up in fly gear. She said no thanks and proceeded to race around the pasture like she was in the Kentucky Derby and #inittowinit we are talking full out effort here, screaming like a banshee, damn that girl is speedy.

Not impressed with these shenanigans
When she finally had enough of the zoomies, and let me catch her I brought her over to the gate, and when I undid the Velcro on her mask, she panicked and snapped the lead line. I realized the Velcro sound is similar to the hot wire sound , so I proceeded to Velcro/unvelcro a gazillion times until she stopped flinching/spooking. Of course the parentals were watching and were horrified, cause nobody can do drama quite like Tess, And while she was being super Naughty about being caught, (I had snacks and everything!), I felt like the spook was a honest mistake. But we worked it thru, and later, I went to work her, I walked right up to the pasture and nabbed her, easy easy, and she was great, despite flapping flags I have tied on the round pen, Velcro sounds, and having to work next to the giant beach ball as it moves in the wind, then boop it around. So ended on a good note at least 🤪

Is everyone looking now?!?!


  1. Oh man! They always try to make us look bad in front of the grandparents!


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