kibosh on the Kool coat fly mask, belly balm for the win

Well, the kool coat fly masks were short lived. Apparently the little loop for attaching the neck cover was the only redeeming quality of these masks, because in less than a weeks wear, both had holes in the seams and Porsche had a rub on her eye (😭 cause it looked like there was plenty of room). Unimpressed with quality of craftsmanship and design. Promptly returning.

The midges were out in full force, and both girls’ tender bellies were getting eaten up. I haven’t noticed a fly spray that is super effective, but in rummaging through my lotions and potions, I found a tub of belly balm. (Corona cream, my usual go to, apparently has offended her highness in some way; Tesla gets very huffy if I use it on her, Porsche seems to be ambivalent). I slathered this onto both girls’ bellies, and could see a noticeable decrease in their discomfort, and was impressed to see how much the welts had diminished, even overnight. Will definitely be adding this to my summer arsenal.