It ain’t the flies, it’s the midges....

Yup, that was a huge change. This area can be kinda windy, so I haven’t noticed any issues with bots, flies or mosquitos, but the nasty midges are new. Maybe it’s just my thin skinned race cars, but I started to see some restless pasture behavior, and some welts. Fly spray doesn’t really work on these buggers (yellow bottle Pyrahana spray) so the only option is to suit up. And I mean full body coverage, neck covers and all. The stretchy fly masks weren’t holding up to pasture turnout, so I bought a couple kinda to try (shout out to Teresa and Olivia for recommendations!)

Mask 1: Kool Coat mask. The fabric is thicker and provides more UV protection than the other masks, also might not be quite as breathable...will see once the temps go up. The eye bubbles give plenty of clearance, the ears are big enough for jumbo mare ears, runs true to size, has a loop in the back to attach to neck covers, and reasonably priced. I like that the ears are a bit more sturdy material for durability. The only con is colour options: this is it, navy and white to show all the grass stains.

Strike a pose...

My eyeballz haz room

Mask 2 was the Shires (shoutout to my blogger girls). Tesla does not do long nose flymasks, so I thought the fringe would be a nice compromise. I like the construction (wish it had a loop for the neck cover) and there was plenty of eye clearance. Tess even handled the fringe surprisingly well! But...the fringe doesn’t provide any real sun protection, so I have to use powdered sunblock, and sadly, the fringe knocks it all off, so for Tesla, this will need to be an occasional mask....It’s perfect for Porsche. Runs true to size, sturdy construction, and you know my heart goes pitter patter for a bit of reflective, so that was a nice touch! A few colour options to choose from too!

    As close to sharing as it’s ever gonna get 😆😆😆 Maybe Tess couldn’t see her with the mask on?