Thanks everyone for your suggestions about ulcers, am definitely adding that variable into the mix, and honestly, it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind as she has none of the usual symptoms!

It’s been fun to be able to watch the girls, since I’m WFH, and Tesla it turns out, is a gold-medal power napper. She was flat out and full on cantering in her sleep (by the time I yank d out the phone to record video she woke herself up 🤦🏼‍♀️ She scared the neighbors ( they stopped and were yelling at Tess : ARE YOU OK!?! And she didn’t even lift her head, so I ran down to chat and reassure them (and thank them for their concern) - I would’ve been concerned too, if I didn’t know her as well as I do (like that floppy lower lip, I had a vet worriedly ask if that was normal for her (since day 1 lol). Glad to know there are neighbours who ❤️ Horses around 😀 and know to watch for when things look wrong!



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