Guys, Tesla and I have hit a rough patch. 
As I’ve started to bring her back up into more steady work after her injury (read, walk trot canter in the round pen with a cavesson) she has gotten less reactive (yay) but is now ignoring all my aids....down transitions are broke broke, and she is running away from me in the pasture. This is a mare who has always shown up to play, so this is a new puzzle for me, one I don’t have a ready toolbox for. I think some of it is the spring grass ( i.e. surrounded by sugar cubes) but I’ve never had her shut me out and shut down before...

Reading back through my training books, pulling out my clicker, & giving her lots of positive interactions and attention, and hoping this is just a weird spring “phase”...

Pretty much describes things right now....

Have you dealt with a horse shutting you out/ blowing through your aids? 
What worked best to fix it?


  1. One thing that springs to mind is that she has moved a lot in the last year and could have ulcers. Even if physically she's not showing other signs.

    if all is good physically then it's just return to basics and work towards the next good step.

    1. was going to suggest this exact thing, sounds like some of the same things my horse was doing.


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