What I needed to hear

A blog post popped up in my feed today.
This blog post about retirement, but as I read the article, I realized it also totally held true for Moving Barns as well. Granted, I think my excessive barn hopping was an extreme outlier in 2019, but I have noticed some new behaviors as a result.

I could not get Tesla to settle at Barn B (the barn with hot tape round pen) despite magnesium supplements, dietary changes, etc. I feel it was a combination of a hot sassy Neighbour mare (the two were bad juju and spun each other up) and electrical fencing in a very small paddock (there was definitely constant anxiety from her about it).

At the last barn, Tesla was super happy, but Porsche was miserable. She was in full view of Tesla 24-7 but that did not seem to be enough. Not sure if having the goat friends at the barn right before reset her herd instinct, but I have never known her to be this level 10 cling-on. Luckily, she still loves to go on adventures, no screaming/meltdowns on that front. Honestly, she might need a support animal at some point....

Tesla has also been more needy, ie screaming when I take Porsche out of sight. Again, not surprising, given the massive amounts of change in their lives.

So I am dialing things back, resetting to new normal. Irrigation water is scheduled to turn on this week, and hot wire is up and on, so the girls are getting lots of turn- out, And are living their best lives right now as we settle into a new routine and find our new normal.

Ps. Hot wire is hot, Tesla 🔥🔥