This n that

View of the feed room: I have used these metal trash cans for years to store bulk grain supplies and they are worth every penny I paid for them. A shelf (board and two brackets from big box store, under $20) was hung above them, high enough I can easily open the can lids, and low enough I can easily organize supplements/minerals. Still lots of room for improvements, but getting more useable. I have a temporary table made of saw horses set up, so I have a spot to bag lunches 😉

I knew I needed some signage for the gate, so the neighbors/visitors would be aware (most folks on this street just let their dogs roam free, and there is s pack of 3 to 5 that patrols the ‘hood: super difficult to find something that isn’t snarky, or “my dog will eat you in 3 seconds” so it took forever to find a good one!

I love that this one ☝️ is reflective, you can see it all the way down the street. I got it Here.

Lastly, the gates have safety latches (love!!) and a vertical latch that while not sharp, makes me a wary since someone tends to be accident prone. You know what was meant to fit right over a metal end of a pole? Rubber feet for chairs. I popped one on every gate, so nobody will get scraped or impaled by accident ( but I mean, there are no guarantees cause, honestly, horses, but it is more practical than full body bubble wrap!)
Modelling Mud and Muddy blankets, and possible instruments of impalement, LOL