Cause inside, we are all horse-crazy little girls

I met two of my littlest neighbors today. As I was putting Porsche and Tesla out in the round pen ( so I could put down mulch chips), Neighbour Mom E said “hi, we have a horse-crazy little girl over here”,  and promptly a pair of unicorn rain boots came slipping thru the pasture fence and skipping over to come say HI TO PONIES. Next thing ya know, I’m eye level with two little punkins and talking horses, and how to give cookies with your palms open. Porsche’s previous owner had two little kids, so she definitely knows they are baby hoomans. She is always extra gentle with them ❤️❤️. There was some concern about Tesla’s crazy eye, so there was a lesson on horse colour genetics in there too 😉 couldn’t help myself. Both Mom E and myself explained that they could come visit the horses when I was there, since the ponies know me best, and they can’t have too many treats, or they can get a tummyache. Always happy to encourage future little equestrians 😉



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