Toddler tantrum

That time when your 16yr old reverted to toddler tantrums because she had to stand in the barn to get her feet done and she couldn’t see her bestie. It started with some rude shoulder pushing into my space, and then when I called her out on it, she turned into hot sweaty mess. I promptly ignored her, and went about barn chores thinking she would cool her jets with a  “time-out” but when she escalated to full on bronco in the cross ties, I took her sassy self out to the round pen and made her work until the 🐹 got back on the wheel. I can honestly count on one hand the times this horse has had a melt down: most likely this was brought on due to lack of turnout due to nasty weather, possibly coming into the first season of the year as well. I have found that in most cases with TBs, motion is lotion.

Also, thought about running to grab a clicker and teaching her to paw at a know, just in case for her future movie career 😉