Mule slippers

I pass this mule on my way into work. What first caught my attention was the posture of the hind end, and her roach back, then I looked down 👀....

Both hind feet are like this, and in fact, she waddles when she walks cause the slipper feet are interfering with her movement. 😭😭😭

I was horrified, so I called the county Sheriff and emailed this photo. 

I then looked into local horse rescues, and I contacted a local one, this was their response:

I couldn’t help but chat about it with folks at my work who also love animals, pretty sure they made some 911 calls as well...

...Then there was a firestorm of activity online in a public forum...O-O

A friend at work is going to donate panels - but, to be totally honest, I feel skeptical ((is that totally awful?)), like there are two different stories going on here, what the rescue is claiming, and what the owner is claiming  and am leaning towards donating to the horse rescue (I did forward them the information about the mule's owner, etc, so I hope they can make some headway!!)

I do think that this owner is in way over her head, and I sincerely hope that she will surrender the mule to the horse rescue. From what I know about feet, this is not going to be an easy, or inexpensive fix to get this little lady comfortable on her own back feet again...

Fingers crossed for a happy ending to this saga!!


  1. Well, that's aweful. But I'm with you on not trusting the owner. Vets will tranqualize an animal in that sort of condition. They don't require a vet check first. If they got her on a trailer to get her there, they could get her in a trailer again and have a vet sedate her there. They may have good intentions, but they're not doing everything they can. I hope something gets done.

  2. I think you're right to be skeptical. I don't know of a single vet that wouldn't tranquilize an animal in this condition. They'd need to just to do the exam they're claiming is first required it sounds like. Very sad for the mule. Good for you for saying something!


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