Moved in Safe N Sound: Barn 6

So last Sunday, the girls moved to a new barn (#6). 

It was snowing (!!) - but the girls were foot perfect: loaded quietly, easy peasy (silver lining to all the moves, I'll take it!). 

It's interesting how much their personalities come out in a new place. Tesla was whinnying and trotting in her pen (SO MUCH SPACE!!) - but quickly settled down to snacks.

Porsche was calm as a cucumber once we got there, but paced for a few days before she settled down.

Introvert vs. Extroverts, eh?

SO HAPPY with how good both girls are looking! Tesla is a BRICK HOUSE right now :D

Really pleased with Porsche's body condition too! - and I know she is feeling great cause she was legit a fire-breathing dragon and throwing a poop party in the cross-ties. She got to practice some patience as I left her there while I filled grain baggies, then she settled ;)

I hand-walked Tesla in the semi-lit arena, and the owners' yearling prospect was tearing around in his run right next to us: Tesla was UP UP UP, but she managed to keep her wits (I was making her do all the tricks, so keeping her busy busy is a good strategy!)

Benefits of a big blaze: I can see her in the dark from across the property LOL.

A panorama of the barn: two stalls, a beautiful cross-tie area, and HAY, properly stored ;)


Relieved we found a soft landing before the weather starts to get really nasty!


  1. Fingers crossed this one is the right one! You deserve it after all you guys have been through this year!


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