Wear the right gloves for the right job

I previously blogged about these gloves - I've used them for lots of things at the barn, and they are super useful, from grooming, to trimming, even longing without a thought...

I grabbed a brand-spankin new pair outta my tack box the other day. Tesla was doing so well - even with the mare + filly running in the pasture next to her - she had one moment of play, and as I went to give her a bit more slack, and my brand- spankin new STICKY gloves held the line for just a fraction too long, and I felt the tip of my ring finger go sideways...

Looking gross, but feeling better

I thought it might be broken - but luckily I think it was just a bad sprain.

Will definitely make sure I have the right gloves for the job going forward...


  1. Oh man, looks like those gloves were TOO grippy! Hope it heals quickly!


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