Look Ma, No Goats!

On Saturday, Trail Boss and I picked up 22 bales of beautiful 2-string Timothy for the New Barn. (It is a bring your own hay situation at the moment - which is great, there is no reason for the Barn Manager to get stingy with the portions ;). As we were driving out to meet the farmer, we passed a tarped stack and I was like:

and then that turned out to be the actual hay we got!

LOVE buying from the local guys who take pride in a high  quality product.

We dropped off the bales & stacked 'em, then we went to get the girls. There was a bit of excitement when I took Porsche out of her paddocks, and Tesla thought she was gonna get left and was NOT.HAVING.IT. Bucking, striking, screaming. With so much change in her life over the past year, I really can't blame her for having a melt down. I walked over to the paddock, and talked to her, and she calmed down (glad we can move past "moments" now) - and when her eye got nice and soft, I went in and got her, and then she loaded right up. Horses. LOL.

The new barn is still in the process of getting set up, and things are still a bit rough (but not unsafe!).  I'm responsible for stall cleaning/buying feed, and they supply the pens, water, feeding and blanketing. Being only 15-20 min from work makes dropping by DOABLE. With the increase in hay, I can back off the pellets, which is more cost effective, and also MOAR ROUGHAGE!

The first thing the barn owner/manager noticed as we unloaded was that Porsche was a bit stocked up in her left hind. (Footing balls up in her fronts, she starts thinking she is gimpy and doesn't move enough, and then that leg gets a bit stocked up). She asked if this was normal, should she keep an eye on it, and then I worked Porsche a bit in the round pen: she was perfectly sound, and the puffiness went right down, no heat in the leg. We all agreed a non-emergency issue.

So thrilled with having a knowledgeable horse person manager!!!

Looks grumpy - was actually happy to come out and walk in the round pen by head-lamp light: THANKS DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!

The girls are getting ALOT of hay: basically free-choice which is AWESOME!

Black horse camouflage, hay up to ankles - believe me, she can down it ALL.

BUT......there are plans afoot, a potential Barn #6 in the future.....



  1. Glad you have a BM who notices stuff like stocked up legs! Barn 6 looks gorgeous too though... Perhaps your own?!


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