Filling in the gaps

One of the nice things about Barn 5 that has been amazing is the chance to fill in some of the random gaps with Tesla.

 This place is fully fenced - so I can do these sanity checks safely :D

Are you OK with tractors? No brainer, A+.
Parents' pasture used to be close to a busy road, so she's seen it all, plus trains on traintracks by Barn 3..

Are you OK with barrels/poles in the arena and footing you aren't used to? C-

Factoring in the recent move, no turn-out all week, plenty of good quality feedstuff, and I was kinda expecting the fizzy lifting drinks...

Pretty obvs who is who here, LOL.

The footing in this particular arena is more geared towards the western crowd, so it was a bit deeper, also was a good chance to practice with distractions she's never seen (yellow barrels, white poles, etc.). Despite all sorts of shenanigans on the longe line, she didn't knock over a single barrel or pole, in fact I could see her watching them with a "oh, am I too close??"  as she backed towards one and then stopped shy of touching it (might be a gaming horse yet LOL!) Shenanigans = MOAR WORK, and she didn't get a break until she was good and listening.

I never knocks down the barrels!

The next day, we repeated this particular quiz, and upped the ante with horses she hadn't been introduced to running free right beside her in the pasture.

Although we started with tail flagging and blowing like a stallion, by the end she finally believed me that those ponies were SO BORING, and when she tried one last zoomie and I asked her to calm it down, she did - so we called it good and did some backing/groundwork exercises around the arena. 

B for improvement, still needs work.

What friends? There is nobody under my bed, promise!

Porsche has taken this move a bit harder (probably because she no longer has emotional support animals....sigh, but true - this chicka loves friends....a co-worker has a haired breeding ewe named Freckles she is looking to we will see.....) and heck - if I moved 5x in a year, I would've reached my limit too. She is just kinda "stressy" and hasn't settled as well as I would like....So she is getting lots of extra love, endo-tapping, probiotics, and ulcer meds (if I don't see an improvement here soon) with an easy workload, mostly just stretching and walking until she is back to 100%.


  1. 5 barns is a lot so treating her gut is a good idea.

  2. Hope Porsche settles in soon! I agree, lots of moves in a short time is stressful. I'm sure she'll come around!


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