We haz friends

Tesla is settling in well at new barn #4. 

Everyone LOVES her, she is getting safe turn out 3x per week (something none of the other barns had...) and is happy and calm; sleeps half in and half out of her box, and will put her face in the halter to help you now <3 so I am thrilled, and relieved that we found a place that is gonna work.

Porsche will be joining her at the end of the month, with her sinus infection a thing of the past.

One awesome thing about the new barn is the goats:

Snacks??? - everyone in this picture

I wasn't sure how Tesla would like them - they are fearless (especially the little black one).  

She was munching on the carpet of grass, when the goats came up to say Hi. She was definitely weirded out, her ears were going 90mph, and she leaned her body as much away from them as possible with out actually moving, cause snack priorities, yo. 

I love that she is having to work it through, cause their pen is right next to her: Desensitizations for the win!

We will see how Porsche does, LOL. 


  1. The goats are adorable! I'm glad that the new place is working out.

    1. Me too! I am so relieved and Tesla is happy too!!

  2. Thank goodness you've found a place that seems like a good fit! There's a goat where Eros lives, and he's pretty hilarious. Eros loves him!


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