Moved: Safe and Sound

And we're all moved to Barn #4! 

Porsche was a rock star - loaded up no problem on the Jamco: LOVE that trailer. 

As we were leaving the BM told me they missed Tesla, then let slip that Tess was so sweet to the baby in group turn-out...

Wait, WHAT??!! 

I had no idea that Tess was getting turned out with the large group of mares - in fact I had expressly forbidden it based on their "no introductions" policy.  So, I guess I know she is good with babies now? She didn't kill anyone or get killed, so winning?? I still can't wrap my mind around this.

Porsche was really good with the 3 goats (score!) and there was another surprising discovery:

Someone LUVs her fan LOL!

I am hoping beyond hope that this barn works for us.



  1. Ugh, it's like twisting the knife! Glad you're out of that old place. Really hoping the new one is the right one!


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