Outta options

The Trainer at Tesla's barn sent me this photo today.

I went out as soon as I finished meetings at work: she definitely skinned herself, it is super tender (I tried my best to gingerly clean it out and apply a thick layer of fly cream), and she is definitely favoring that leg....It is right where the hip bone protrudes, but I'll keep a watchful eye to make sure it isn't something more sinister!

Looking at the paddock, my guess would be that Tesla caught herself on the metal corner edging that Trainer A's husband installed on the fence posts "to prevent cribbing". Tesla has never cribbed a day in her life.  I ran my hands over it, and there are raised bolts....the electric fence has been placed between the structural poles of the lean-to roof, so Tesla has a lone pole in the middle of her run..

The only other suspect would've been the electrical tape itself, but I didn't see any other lacerations on her legs, etc. so pretty sure the culprit is the metal wrapped post (Trainer A. agreed).

I had been seriously thinking about my experience at this barn. I put Tesla there thinking it was a better option, but some serious shortcomings have arisen the longer I have stayed....I have been paying for the use of a covered arena with lights (the footing has yet to be put in, and there are no lights for evening riding/grooming/etc....). There is only 1 cross-tie area in which to safely tie/groom/tack/bathe/etc. a horse and this has led to some real traffic jams (not to mention some unsafe moments)...the round pen is un-electrified tape (this has always given me pause and Tesla did have an accidental tangle with it)...several times I have come out in the evenings to find the water troughs nearly empty...the mosquitos and gnats at this particular barn are beyond horrendous, even with feed-thru supplements and spray.. (Thanks for everyone's wonderful suggestions on the best way to combat these pests!!)

A spot opened up at Barn 2 where Porsche is boarded - so I'm moving Tesla there tomorrow.  Boarding at home is off the table for now, as the home I was looking at fell through when repairs couldn't be made in time for closing. So I gotta make Barn B. work - cause I am quickly running out of options....


  1. oh no! that looks terrible. I can feel your frustration! I hope that the new barn works out.

  2. Ugh so stressful! I hope it doesn't turn out to be any worse than it looks. I'm sure it will be enough to have them both in one place at least!


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