Eaten Alive

The barn that Tesla is boarded at is close to a river, and the owner had mentioned something about bugs months ago when things were covered with snow.

 I got a text yesterday asking about flyspray, and when I went out to the barn to check on Tess after traveling all week for work: she was a miserable mess.

Her belly was so puffy - I swear, if I didn't know better, I would've thought she was a gelding (!!). She was completely chewed up, with hives behind her elbows, her belly/udder/upper legs, all under her chin and chest, and even where the girth goes. I was horrified.

I ran to the local feed store and picked up some of the super heavy duty spray:


and some supplements:

This garlic based product got mixed reviews: it really depends on your horses' body chemistry - but I thought it would be worth a try: it will take ~ 2weeks to see if it works. (fingers crossed!) I had some pink medicated lotion, to I smeared that all over her raw spots.

One of the other barn girls asked what was wrong with Tess, so I elaborated:- "That's what you get for having a black" she told me.  

Luckily the weather turned today, with a bit of wind (and a good dose of the spray the night before) she looked much improved.

Trainer A. has found that the flysheets don't deter this particular nasty biting mosquito...and prefers to apply spray in the evenings: apparently Tesla hasn't appreciated her spray (not sure why cause she will let me - to be fair she doesn't like her face sprayed so I spray the flymask instead)

What are your favourite mosquito repellant tricks/tips?


  1. The best remedy I’ve found is a stiff breeze. The fly sprays work but the little buggers always find a spot you missed. I hang bug traps outside their stalls. Not so much for mosquitoes but for the other pests they help.

  2. A few companies make mosquito specific fly sheets. You might try one of them. I also find that deet and other human fly sprays work better than horse fly sprays for mosquitos.

  3. My favorite bug spray is the Flysect Super 7 which works the best of any I've used when applied as directed. Not sure how well it does against mosquitoes though honestly. The horses don't seem to bit up from them, so it may help?


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