Vaccinations: DIY or Vet Only service?

I give my own vaccinations (except for rabies - and I'm 100% OK with that: this Radiolab Episode will put a healthy dose of terror into you!). I took a vet tech class in college and it is something I can do myself, so I do.

At Tesla's barn, the gals were setting up a barn visit from a local vet, and I opted out with a quick email "Took a vet tech class in college so I give my own vaccinations :)"....

Little did I suspect I would get a novel in response (forwarded to all the other barn girls as well):

"As a former veterinary technician I am capable of giving my own vaccines, but I choose to support competent and skilled local practitioners so that my horse(s) may benefit in the long run by having access to their skill and knowledge as needed. My veterinarian in another state will still provide consult to me because I chose to support her business and treated her with respect. I'm not at all saying that choosing to vaccinate your horse is lacking in a way, just that it is extremely difficult to find local quality veterinary care in the area for sport horses and I feel it is money well spent. I'm hoping that Dr. X is that provider, based on my knowledge of his past practice and my experience with him thus far. "

I guess I better keep it under wraps that I do my own trims/Masterson method at this barn ;)


  1. Wow. That was passive aggressive. I can give my own vaccinations and have when the vet can’t come out. I generally do have the vet do it though because it’s part of the annual check up and teeth floating.

  2. Someone had to pull out their soap box, huh?
    I like to have my vet give the vaccines because I use those appointments as sort of "check-ups" for the horses. I like to get my vets eyes on them a couple times a year, just to make sure I'm not missing anything. But I don't see anything wrong with doing your own vaccinations. The important thing here is that the horse gets vaccinated!

  3. Sheesh, that's super passive aggressive :-/


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