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No new pony photos, just this cutie ;)

I moved Porsche to the new facility on Sunday. She was super great, hopped right in the trailer and happily rode over to the new facility (which some folks may remember as Barn #2). I was lucky to get the last spot open at this facility, and Porsche is next to a 2yr blue roan filly named Lily.

I popped out on Wednesday to see her, let her zip around in the arena (LOL - she was practically running the barrel pattern set up, maybe she is trying to tell me something?) The B.O. came out with some comments and I got some messages the next morning about my sweeping skills...(I promise you I can sweep, lol). Only temporary is my new mantra.

I didn't realize when moving to this area that it would prove to be such a challenge to board horses (and actually dogs - I think I found the ONLY AirBnB in the area where I could have Chevelle - (apparently shepherds are a restricted breed?) I remember asking when I interviewed and getting vague answers like "Oh, yeah boarding is weird here.." 

Tesla has healed up nicely from her tangle with the wire round-pen. I worked her on Monday on the longe in the arena (we did big circles moving throughout so to be respectful of the footing). After a week off, I literally observed levitation, and when I used a Natural horsemanship method of shaking the longe line to correct her she got super offended. We worked it through, and Tuesday she was much better behaved, and didn't care at all about longe line shaking, lol. I have a lesson next week to learn some T-touch techniques and a labyrinth to help Tesla with body awareness - can't wait!!


  1. It has been a difficult transition! But it seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Yes!! Looking forward to the great things ahead!


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