The Babysitter

Porsche could learn a little something from Steve....

A Porsche's new barn, she was put next to a yearling filly, as well as two 8mo. olds (who are allowed to freely roam the center arena). and apparently, they ALL like to hang out with her.

When I went out to check up on her this past weekend, she is looking great, good weight, and her summer coat is coming in nice and shiny! She was happy to see me and happy to come out, and once we got to the barn, she couldn't see baby Lily, who started crying and Porsche went into Momma Bear mode. She quickly turned into a screaming, pawing, sweaty mess...

Barn floor looked like it had been finger-painted (with poo!)

Lily was also throwing a gigantic tantrum in her pen...

I took Porsche into the round pen, and worked her until she settled down, then brought her back into the barn. The BO's SO (Barn Owner's Significant Other) was there and we discussed Porsche's behaviour (apparently she had charged the fence at the horse on her left: protecting her baby, I suspect) and that we should move Porsche away from Lily to another paddock, so everyone could take the drama down several notches.

When I put Porsche back into her paddock, she was nickering like crazy - so she definitely is convinced that roan baby is hers. Good to know she will be a good future babysitter - but gotta watch that she doesn't turn into a kidnapper, lol.


  1. Oh dear. I guess she wants a baby.

  2. Oh silly Porsche! Eros lives next to a weanling. He doesn't really care either way about her I don't think, but she does get sad when he leaves her. She gives some pretty cute nickers when he returns too. I'm pretty sure she thinks he's her dad.

  3. Awww poor Porsche, she has the baby bug!


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