Winter chubs & shedding

This winter was a bit hard on the Porsche. With the crazy snow, wind, and temps; even unclipped and with her liners + sheet, she dropped a bit more weight than I liked...seriously, I blinked and suddenly there were ribs, ugh!

While I had upped her hay, this barn has some very particular rules: hay isn't allowed to be composted and must be hauled out and spread onto the trails behind the property. (side note: I have never heard of this - is this actually a thing?) When I upped her hay, Porsche decided to go on a stem strike and only eat the leaves (such a little stink!), despite being up-to-date on her teeth.

So instead of adding more hay, I put her on Manna Pro Safe Performance, and when she still looked only racing fit, I added some Renew Gold to up her fat intake, and added a morning and evening ration (so probably ~4-5lbs total grain per day)

OTTB thy name is bottomless pit LOL.

I definitely like the results I'm seeing 2 weeks into our new regime. Her ribs are no longer visible, and her coat is coming in super shiny & soft.

Let the shedding commence!


  1. She looks good. Irish will sometimes reject stemmy hay.

    1. and it wasn't't even that stemmy LOL - she just likes dessert better than veggies ;)


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